Art In Motion

Using a variety of techniques such as image analysis and audio analysis, the following work was created in OpenFrameworks. The animations are best viewed by following each YouTube URL.

Face In Ninety Five Images, 2020

This audio reactive animation was created using facial recognition software to combine 95 different images of the same subject. Music: Acapella version of Blue Monday by New Order

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Not Quite a Walk in the Park, 2020

I used image analysis to track the movement of bodies within a video and the outlines are re-animated with hundreds of abstract shapes.

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Binary Bit Patterns, 2020

Binary Bit Patterns 2020 is an audio reactive cellular automation inspired by the artist Michael Whitney and the “Game of Life” by mathematician John Conway. Music: “Can’t Let Go, Juno” by Kishi Bashi

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Wobble Dancers, 2020

The Robot dancers was created using motion data that was generated from the image analysis I performed on a ballet dancer on YouTube. Robot characters inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus Dancers. Music: “Wobble” by V.I.C. Ballet Dancer:

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