I code in front of live audiences to create music (and sometimes visuals) under the artist name ColonelPanix. The following are two performances over the last year.

LiveCode Scoring with Vesper Guo

Closing party for Yan Shao's Transient Surface Exhibition at :iidr Gallery, NYC

Livecode Audio performance using Python and Foxdot Livecoding environment. Sound design using Serum synthesizer and Ableton.

Transient Terminus Soundtrack

ITP NIME Performance Garage @NYU

Spatial Sound is the ability for our mind and body to comprehend the location of the sounds that we hear. The Spatial Sound Pads are a Midi Controller designed to provide an expressive outlet for a musician to perform music that takes advantage of spatial positioning and movement.

View at Youtube

1+1 ITP and Clive Davis Institute Collaboration @NYU

Visualization collaboration with Clive Davis Institute student Noah Klyce

Watch at Vimeo

New Year's Algorave at Wonderville

This was a performance at Wonderville, a Brooklyn bar featuring independently made arcade games and music. (Audience is also playing video games.) ColonelPanix (with the hat) performed music using FoxDot + Ableton and Ulysses Popple performed the visuals.

View at YouTube

Algorave @ Wonderville in Minecraft

Quarantine performance at the Wonderville bar in Minecraft. Music by ColonelPanix, Visuals by Bliss Factory.

Music Only at YouTube
Music/Visuals Collaboration