David Stein

I am fascinated with the possibility of algorithms.

I code tools that create art and music. Much of my art is generative in that features of my compositions are determined by algorithm. Colors are determined by algorithms that sample real-world scenes, objects become animated by algorithms that capture real-world motion and/or music, patterns and forms are generated with algorithms that simulate science and biology. The result turns unidentified forms into appealing patterns of familiarity.

My typical process involves creating a computer program that can generate art based on a concept that I imagine. As the art starts to generate, I determine what parameters can be used to change the behavior of the program. Sometimes I use hardware such as a MIDI controller that allows the parameters to be controlled real-time by knobs. Sometimes I use music to allow different frequencies or volume to control parameters. Sometimes the result resembles the concept that I originally imagined; often it doesn't. I may iterate: imagine -> code -> generate art -> re-imagine -> code -> generate art.... until I either arrive at what I was looking for or arrive at a magical result that I didn't expect.

Video Reel

ITP NIME Performance @NYU, December 2022

Spatial Sound is the ability for our mind and body to comprehend the location of the sounds that we hear. The Spatial Sound Pads are a Midi Controller designed to provide an expressive outlet for a musician to perform music that takes advantage of spatial positioning and movement.